Building Surveys

Today very few people buy a property either for investment, their own occupation or take a lease without commissioning a detailed building survey to determine its condition.
The surveyors undertaking such work at Stephen D Buxton & Associates have a deep understanding of the many forms of building construction. From that knowledge they are able to advise on the extent of investigation required to satisfy and safeguard a client’s needs by reporting on the salient points.
Sometimes this work will involve other consultants such as structural and building services engineers. The practice has strong links with a number of such firms who are also very aware of the different requirements of purchasers and lessees.
By understanding service charge arrangements the firm often advises tenant clients on both their direct and indirect liabilities for repairs. For example the tenant of a floor in a multi-occupied office building may have a little direct liability for repairs, apart from perhaps decoration and carpet replacement. However if the concrete frame needs major repairs, including scaffolding and the like, the costs are recoverable by the landlord under the service charge provisions. In such instances it is important that the whole building is considered and not just the small area being occupied.
Our surveyors are well aware of all currently known deleterious materials and are aware of the instances in which such materials have been used for construction purposes in the past. This is very important when undertaking building surveys.
In addition to wanting to know the condition of a building, clients often require more comprehensive reports dealing with such issues as whether or not the building meets their user requirements, what its costs in use are likely to be, the cost to fit out, and in the case of tenants, the dilapidations liability.
Our surveyors at Stephen D Buxton & Associates are experienced in dealing with all these facets

We can provide accurate and effiecient advice when undertaking Surveying Services.

Repair advice.

Deleterious materials.