Elland Road

Leeds United FC – Elland Road Stadium

(Fire Insurance Valuation)

Set off the M621 South West of Leeds town centre. Leeds United’s home ground of Elland road was one of the largest and probably unusual sites for a Fire Insurance valuation. Since the clubs foundation in 1919 The Stadium has undergone a large number of alterations, extensions and structural changes.

Our team undertook the task of measuring the layout and surveying the construction of this impressive structure. With its cantilevered stands that hold a capacity of 37,890 on a match day to its various suites, executive offices hospitality and retail facilities.

It was clear this wasn’t just the standard run of the mill Fire Insurance Valuation. The stadium had to be split into its various uses, each of which were valued individually. Our team scheduled the areas and referenced them back to plans which were included in the report. This gave the insurers and the client a clear picture of what was exactly included in the valuation.