Entwistle Group Openshaw

Entwistle Group Openshaw

(Major Refurbishment)

Our client wanted to relocate their printing business outside of the busy city centre. They identified a suitable building which was a former Aldi store located in Openshaw. The requirement was more office floor space and a consolidation of some of their printing operations, some of which were on different floors in their current location.

Being a print and digital business the existing ground floor area was ideal for the printing element, however there was not enough room for office, design and administration. We subsequently designed and installed a second floor in what was an empty roof void, adding an extra 470 square metres of usable floor space.

Due to its former use as a supermarket the building had no natural light sources which was a problem for our client. The bold move was to remove the front of the building and install a full height glazed area to the front gable thus creating a double height area to the front. This produced an open, light and airy feel for staff and customers.

With the help of 3D CAD packages used by our team the design ideas were conveyed to the client and the local Planning Authority more clearly.

Initial Design Concept

A full range of our design services were utilised during the project including:

  • Initial condition survey
  • Measured survey to produce accurate as built drawings
  • The preparation of design and detailed drawings
  • The preparation of a specification for the works
  • The making of Planning Applications for Change of Use and elevation changes.
  • Application for Building Regulation Approval
  • Invitation of tenders from suitable contractors
  • Letting and Administering the Contract
  • Supervising the Construction